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Many of my clients feel that they are “stressed out.” It is a feeling of having ten thousand things coming at you at once. Too much to do and not enough time.

To begin with, it is important to observe that most people need some stimulation. Without stimulation we would become listless and bored. It is a matter of getting the balance between too little and too much stimulation right.

Of course, people differ in what is just the right amount of stimulation.
Stress can turn on the sympathetic nervous system and leads to the release of adrenalin in the body as the body prepares for “fight or flight.”
This mechanism is built into us for our survival. However, if the stress becomes chronic, the body will predictably wear down. The immune system becomes fatigued, and we become more susceptible to illness. Headaches, stomach or intestinal problems, and muscle stiffness (neck and back) are common reactions to chronic stress.
It has been my experience that most people who say that they are “stressed out” are having difficulties in many areas of their life. It is not just a matter of balancing the incoming stimulation in their lives but also they may have problems with their feelings about their self-worth or have difficulties with personal relationships.

In psychotherapy, a person can learn to manage their stimulation and address repetitive, unproductive thinking or problematic relationships with others.

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