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What is it?

Depression is a syndrome in which a person feels sad, has low energy, experiences little pleasure in life, has trouble sleeping, has changes in body weight, and/or has trouble concentrating. About 25% of women and 12% of men will experience significant depression in their lifetime.

It is important to point out that sadness is part of life. When a person dear to us passes away, or when an important relationship ends, it is natural to feel sad. This is not depression; it is life. However, if one continues to be sad after a loved one’s death for an extended period of time, it may indeed be called depression.

For one reason or another, in my practice I see many individuals who are significantly depressed. I tend to work with depressed people on multiple levels at the same time. I have found that people begin to feel better after making even very small improvements in their life. Once they begin to feel better, improvement can be fast. I often tell my depressed clients that effort will be needed for them to feel better. It may mean that they try to start a new activity in their life or challenge some assumptions they have about themselves or their world. I am not opposed to medication, and for individuals who are moderately or more depressed, medication is often indicated. Clients may be referred to their primary care physician or a psychiatrist for anti-depressant medication.

Here are some sites which deal with depression:

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