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What is it?

Psychotherapy is a method of treating mental health problems. Modern psychotherapy has a history of over one hundred years now, dating back to Freud. Even before that time, people often received similar treatments by consulting with religious leaders or family elders.

I practice psychotherapy in the tradition of the humanistic and psychodynamic approaches. The humanistic approach upholds that human beings have a natural tendency for growth and positive change. It also assumes that, given the right environment, people who are having trouble will find creative ways of feeling better. Psychotherapy is seen as one way in which a person can be given the right environment for change. As I see it, the psychodynamic approach stresses that one of the most important things in a person’s life is their relationships with others. In the same way that a poor relationship can hurt someone, a good relationship with a therapist can help them heal.
When someone begins treatment with me, I wish to get to know that person as a whole. So, in addition to learning all about what the current problem is, I also want to know about the person’s current family, the family in which they grew up, and their entire life history. I also have a series of personality tests I ask most clients to fill out. Once I have gotten to know the person as a whole, I can then help them make creative changes to feel better. Research and my experience have shown that a person will usually feel much better after 12 sessions (3 months of meeting one time a week).

Psychotherapy is as much of an art as it is a science. Every person is truly unique, and I try to stay flexible in my treatment approaches. Every person has a unique history, culture, and way of perceiving his or her world. I know that every person will have a unique way of feeling better.

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