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Relationships / Couple's Therapy

Relationships are at the heart of what it is to be human.

As babies we were all completely dependent on our caregivers. One psychiatrist (Winnicott) has written that "there is no such thing as a baby - only a nursing couple." In other words, at least psychologically, a baby and its caregiver can be considered to be one unit.

We all develop out of this position of dependency. Even as adults our relationships with family, friends, and partners remain very important to how we feel about ourselves and the world. Moreover, in every way we are all very interdependent with each other on this spaceship called Earth.
When things don't go well in our relationships it is natural to feel awful. Actually, I believe that it is a sign of mental health to feel devastated after a break-up with or death of a loved one.

When people come to see me as a psychotherapist, I am always thinking about how past relationships have effected them. People can find incredible relief and freedom by finding ways to leave unhealthy relationship patterns behind.

In regards to couple's therapy, I believe that all couples can benefit by seeing a psychotherapist ever so often. A therapist's office is a space which is removed from all of the distractions of home. Couples usually can talk more calmly, with greater concentration, and productively in this space. In also provide personality tests which are very useful for a couple to understand each other more deeply. My orientation as a couple's therapist is based on the family systems and psychodynamic approaches.

Relationships are challenging and give great meaning to life. I support couples who seek my help to stay together.

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